All About Me

This is my 17th year teaching in Edgewood.  I began at H. K. Williams and moved to the new Roosevelt when it reopened.  Most of my years have been devoted to Kindergarten or First grade.  This year is sure to be exciting as I begin the new challenges in Special Education. 
When I am not teaching I am at home with my family.  We chase around our crazy dogs Devin and Penny or our Cockatiel, Zombie will chase us.  We especially enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, tubing, biking and rollerblading.
I grew up on a farm in North Dakota where my mother still lives.  In 1995, I graduated from Valley City State University and moved here to teach.  Then in 2007, I finished my MA in Generic Special Education at OLLU.  
Fun Facts
This summer I was able to see nearly all my brothers, sister, nieces and nephews for the first time in years.  I conquered my own island (well it was actually a rock), and flew off a jet ski with style.  My crazy brothers and nephews even rode a bike off the end of the dock into the water.  Every moment was wonderful.
Last summer, I walked in an inactive volcano in New Mexico.  Inside, I saw where Choke Cherry bushes have grown over the harsh ground.  When I stood on the top edge I could see far in the distance, where the lava had landed and changed the surface of the earth.  I also climbed a small mountain in Colorado called Seven Falls.  I cheated though, because I used the man-made steps, 244 of them, for the first part.  In all I climbed a vertical distance of about 1.4 miles, although it seemed like much more.