3rd Nine Weeks

AR:  We set new goals the week of January 18th.  Please ask your child what his or her new goal is.  You can also use AR Home Connectionto keep track of your child's points and test scores.
Math:  We started a unit on patterns, time and temperature.  Students will learn to read an analog clock.  We started learning about repeating and additive patterns.
In Unit 8 we will work on multiplication and division.  Students will not need to learn their math facts but how to count equal sets and how to divide sets of objects into equal groups.  You can help your child by using the 100's chart to skip count by 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's, 10's and 11's.  For a challenge you can practice skip counting by 6's, 7's, 8's, 9's and 12's.
Unit 9 will cover geometry.  We will learn the attributes of polygons and quadrilaterals.  We will also learn about solids.
In unit 10 students will learn to use manipulatives to measure everyday objects.  In addition we will learn to measure length with inches and centimeters.   You may want to refer to Chapter 12 in volume 2 of the math book for extra practice.
Language Arts:  This nine weeks we will begin to understand and use pronouns correctly as we write and speak.  We will continue with learning about being berbs and irregular verbs.  We will learn how to use commas correctly and then move on to adjectives. 
In writing we will focus on writing to express with fictional narratives and writng to inform using various types of information paragraphs.
Social Studies:  We begin the nine weeks with learning about influential people of the past and present in our various communities.  We will also be introduced to timelines.  Unit 9 will focus on government.  We will begin the unit by learning about how various government leaders are elected. Later in March we will learn about the functions of our government and services our government provides.
Reading:  We begin the nine weeks with our mid-year TPRI Assessment.  You will want to look for reports attached to the report card and progress reports.  Our topic in Unit 4 is Hero's and Helpers.  We will focus on skills such as story structure, sequence of events, understanding character and comparing and contrasting. 
The theme for Unit 5 will be Changes, Changes Everywhere.  In this unit our reading skills will include main idea and details, understanding character with their words, actions and thoughts, and drawing conclusions.
Science: We will focus on life science this nine weeks.  We will begin our Unit with understanding the basic needs of all living organisms.  We will learn about how the environment effects living things.  We will learn how organisms depend on each other and show these dependences with food chains.  We will wrap our unit up by learning about plant and animal characteristics and life cycles.

Last Modified on March 7, 2011