What We Are Learning

Reading & Language Arts
We will continue with Unit 2: Nature and Unit 3: Learning from Others.


We will continue to develop our fluency skills.


We will develop comprehension skills as we continue to analyze text to determine main idea and details, summarize, and draw conclusions.

writingLanguage Arts:
We will develop our knowledge of nouns and verbs.

We will write to inform and persuade.

Math & Science

Math:  We are beginning Unit 4:  Patterns in a Hundred's Chart.  Please remind your child to use his/her hundred’s chart when doing math homework.

We will later use our knowledge of patterns in the 100's Chart to add and subtract 2 digit numbers in Unit 5.

Towards the end of the nine weeks we will learn about fractions and possibilities in Unit 6.

scienceScience:  In science these nine weeks, we are studying Earth Science. 
Some topics will include Rocks, Bodies of Water, Resources, Weather and the Water Cycle.
Social Studies
We will begin the 9 weeks by learning more about physical characteristics. In Unit 4 we will use research skills to learn about the four regions of Texas.  Our final product will be a short information book about Texas regions.


Unit 5 will focus on Symbols and Celebrations of our State and Country Community; while Unit 6 will focus on Celebrations of the Past and Present.


social studies


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