1st Nine Weeks
Math:  For the first few weeks we will focus on place value and our number system.  We will begin with writing numbers in expanded notation and comparing how this is different from writing numbers in expanded form.  We will also learn how to round decimals to the nearest hundredth and compare/order decimals to the nearest thousandth.  In early September our learning will start with an addition & subtraction unit.  Students will need to be able to determine if addition or subtraction is necessary to solve a word problem.  Students will also learn how to add & subtract decimals accurately.   In mid-September we will begin our unit on multiplication & division of decimals.  We will also learn how to make various models to represent the decimals we multiply and divide.   
Science:  We started off the year reviewing science safety and using science tools appropriately.  This 9 weeks your child will  .
.  We will be able to classify matter pWe will learn about various forms of energy.  Your child will keep a science notebook this year.  Please encourage your child to share his/her notebook with you.
Notebooks:  This year in both math and science, students will collect data, write their learning and thoughts in a notebook. It is expected that the notebook is used as a reference tool.  Students can take their notes home but should return with them the following day.  Notebooks will be graded regularly.
Study Skills:  We will work on setting goals, organization and working cooperatively.  In addition we will also work on paraphrasing and retelling information, thinking like mathematicians & scientists, and develop our problem solving skills.
Last Modified on August 18, 2016