1st Nine Weeks
Math:  For the next few weeks we focus on learning strategies for memorizing addition and subtraction facts.  We will also focus on quantitative reasoning and comparing and ordering numbers. 
Science:  We started off the year reviewing science safety and identifying science tools.  This 9 weeks your child will observe and identify properties and changes of matter.  We will learn about various forms of energy and compare patterns of movement.  Your child will keep a science notebook this year.  Please encourage your child to share his/her notebook with you.
Social Studies:  This 9 weeks in social studies we will learn about the various communities in which we live.  We begin by learning the elements of a community and the purpose of the communities we live in.  We will also learn about the physical and human characteristics of the various communities we belong to.
Language Arts: We begin our 9 weeks learning what a sentence is.  We will review parts of sentences and then continue to develop our understanding of the different types of sentences.  Later in the 9 weeks we will begin developing our understanding of nouns.
Reading:  The big idea for Unit 1 is:  There are different kinds of communities.  In this unit we will explore:
  • why the order of events in a story is important
  • how families are alike and different
  • why an author writes a story
  • what causes characters to change
  • what clues tell you where and when a story takes place 
Study Skills:  We will work on setting goals, organization and working cooperatively.  In addition we will also work on paraphrasing and retelling information.  We will learn to locate parts of a book and how to read a newsletter.
Last Modified on August 25, 2010