4th 9 Weeks

AR:  We set new goals at the beginning of the nine weeks.  Please remember that students set point goals and reading level goals (what level they wish to be reading by the end of the nine weeks.) 
Math: We will start off this nine weeks learning about linear measurement.  Students are using non-standard units to measure everyday objects.  We will continue the 9 weeks by learning how to be better problem solvers.  Please remind your child to use the problem solving process when working at home.  We will end the nine weeks with a final unit in measurement.  This time our focus will be on finding area, measuring capacity and mass.
Science: We will learn about plants and animals, life cycles and food chains.  Students will also use their knowledge to test a question.  We will work in groups and as a class to complete a science fair project.
Social Studies:  Our final unit in social studies will focus on what makes our local community special.  We will learn about the various celebrations that unite San Antonians.  We will learn about symbols, landmarks and other city treasures.   I enourage you to take the family out to explore the various landmarks your child will learn about this 9 weeks.

Last Modified on May 8, 2012