Evony Searles
Instructional Coach
Roosesvelt Elementary
210-444-8375 ext.8381

Hello, I am the Instructional Coach at Roosevelt Elementary. I'm looking forward to the opportunity of working with teachers, students, and parents.
If you're  an educator, I hope you will find my webpage helpful to your instruction.
If you're a student, I hope that you will find my webpage helpful to your learning.
If you're a parent, I hope you will find my webpage helpful in the instruction to your child at home.
Instructional Coach Duties:
- Presents District/ Campus Training
- Develops/ Implement Instructional Plans from Benchmark Tests
- Oversees implementation of Literacy Plan
- Models effective classroom instructional practices and the implementation of discipline management procedures, PBIS/ CHAMPS
- Observes individual teachers and provides instructional guidance as needed through a coaching model
- Provides support for teachers in Need of Assistance (TINAs) and new teachers 
-  Supports special programs implementation and provides assistance to teachers in these areas
- Facilitates administration of district assessments/ CBAs
- Prepares assessment reports and disaggregates data to be used to plan instruction
- Participates in weekly lesson planning with teachers/ PLCs
- Responsible for curriculum documents distribution and access
- Assists teachers in understanding the curriculum
- Assists in coordination of RtI services implementation
-  Provides instructional guidance and leadership in extended day/week/year programs
- Assists in educating parents to help their children with academics
- Collaborates in meetings with academic leadership team
-  Assists with development. implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of CIP
- Consults with principal on instructional matters, participates in CPOC
- Assists the District Curriculum Department in reviewing curriculum/ attends District Meetings/ Serves as Campus Rep. on District Committee 
 Additional Duties:
Reading/ Math Interventionist 
 504/ Dyslexia Coordinator
 Excellence In Edgewood Assistant Coordinator
 ARD Committee Teacher Rep./ Observer for Child Study Packets