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Ernestina López Méndez
email: elmé   
contact number: 210-444-6104
lunch time: 11:10-11:40
conference times: 12:30-12:47, 1:40-2:06 & 2:55-3:05

   Go Winston Eagles!
 Ms. Mendez
   Hello, I am Ernestina Méndez. I am the proud mom of two wonderfully sweet girls, Jessalyn Alejandra and Amaya Luna. My daughters and my family are sacred to me. I love and appreciate my daughters and each and every one of my family members, especially my parents! My oldest daughter is a sophomore at Holmes High School. She is your typical teenager who enjoys shopping and holds the record in my family for most texts sent in one month-10,000 texts and climbing! My little one is a 6th grader at Gus Garcia Middle SchooI. She enjoys tumbling and creating things with different art materials. She does chin stands all throughout the house and she recently made me a pair of shoes using only duct tape! I am very proud of my girls and all of their talents and creativity. I support them and encourage them in every way possible!
Much like with my very own children, I believe that as teachers we need to be supportive and positive with all our students. Only in this way will we be able to interact with them in a meaningful way!  
   Being here at Winston is a brand new start for me! I am in a new position at a new campus. Although I miss being a classroom teacher, I am so excited for this new challenge! This year my position is as an Accelerated Instruction Teacher or AIT. Having taught for almost 15 years, and having taught all grades, I feel well equipped to serve our Winston students K-5th. As an AIT, my role is to service small groups of students at a time. I am currently working with seven groups of students in both reading and math, 2nd-5th grade. So far, I am really enjoying getting to know my students. I have to say...Winston has some good kiddos over here! 
   In addition to my role as AIT, I am also a CHAMPS Coach for Winston. This means I am here to support the teachers with regards to any and all classroom management issues. More specifically, I provide Winston teachers with strategies and ideas for how to better manage the classroom and or address any behavior issues. I thoroughly enjoy this aspect of my job and hope I can genuinely help all teachers so that they may continue to provide and encourage a positive learning environment for all our Winston "CHAMP'ions!