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Goals for Music Class:
Here at Roosevelt Elementary, Grades Kinder- 4th have music for 55 minutes once a week.  Fifth grade can have it 3 times a week  on a flexible schedule. The times that they meet are included in the Class Schedule.
There are 4 general State Goals for Music Education.  They are:
Perception/ Analyzing music
Creative Expression and Performance
Historical/ Cultural Heritage
Response and Evaluation of Music
( Source: TEKS for Fine Arts)
Lasr updated 8/25/14
 In the Classroom,  these requirements can be met by reaching the following goals that I have outlined.
1) Students will learn to read music in rhythmic and melodic forms. (Perception/Analysis)
2) Students will participate in a variety of musical activities such as instrument playing, songs, games and movement. (Creative Expression/Performance)
3) Students will develop an awareness of different musical styles, cultures and genres. ( Historical/ Cultural Heritage, Perception/Analysis)
4) Students will learn how participation in music can relate to success in other subjects such as math, reading, science and social studies.  ( Historical/Cultural Heritage)
5) Students will learn about theatre, audience and ensemble etiquette. ( Response and Evaluation)