Welcome to Ms. De La Torre's 3rd Grade Bilingual Class  
(Bienvenidos a nuestra aula de Tercer Grado)  
I am so excited you have chosen to utilize this webpage as a tool to help your child become successful. Through parent, teacher, and student involvement we will have an opportunity to build a successful relationship to help your child here at Perales to become a well rounded student.
Estoy muy contenta y muy emocionada de poder usar esta pagina para poder comunicarme con todos los padres de familia.  Bienvenidos a nuestra escuela Perales. "A MI ME GUSTA IR A LA ESCUELA TODOS LOS DIAS" 
Meet the 3rd Grade  Teacher – Read a brief biography about Ms. De La Torre Assignments – Check homework information here  Student Show Case-Outstanding student work examples Classroom Calendar – Stay up to date with class events Questions or Concerns? Feel free to call for a parent teacher conference. 210.444.8350 Ext. 4027  Si tiene alguna pregunta por favor llame a la escuela para una cita con la maestra Veronica De La Torre
Daily Specials Schedule: Monday Music Tuesday PE Wednesday PE Thursday  Art Friday PE
Teacher Conference: 11:00-11: 55 Students & Teacher Lunch: 11:55-12:25
Last Modified on August 15, 2016