Hello!!  Welcome to Mrs. Johns' Kindergarten class.

I am very excited to be here at Perales Elementary, teaching Kinder!


I graduated high school from McCollum High School. After high school, I attended Palo Alto College. I received an Associates Degree in Teaching at Palo Alto College. After I got my Associates degree, I moved on to Texas A&M University Kingsville- San Antonio System Center.  I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.


When I was eight years old I decided I wanted to become a teacher after peer tutoring with some friends.  My parents said that I approched them one day and stated I will be a teacher someday.  I use that story to instill a sense of promise that a child can instill in oneself to accomplish their dream.  It might be fast or slow journey but, eventually that dream you had as a child can knock on your door one day and become a reality. 


I was a child of two deaf parents and growing up in the deaf community taught me various ways to look at life.  Many times I saw my parents treated differently because of their disability.  They worked harder than the average person to show them they were equal.  They would always say working harder creates a stronger person.  It is easy to complain of what could have been.  On the other hand it’s wonderful to see how you can work through the obstacles of life and succeed.  That is what I hope to instill in my students. 
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Last Modified on May 5, 2014