First Days of School!

Writing Center Activity
  J.G. using fine motor skills to trace letters.
Color Recognition
  G.L. sorting shapes by color.
Building a Castle
 G.S. and D.H. using teamwork to build a castle.
Playing with Puzzles
J.G. and M.J. using cognitive skills to solve puzzles.
Oral Language at Housekeeping
 A.L. using her new vocabulary with her friend Ana.
Stringing Fruit Loops
 C.P. using fine motor skills to thread fruit loops!
Sorting by color
 R.C. sorting objects by color.
Using oral language in the Housekeeping Center
 Students using oral language in the Housekeeping Center.
Future Engineers!
 Future engineers!
Learning to Count!
R.S. & X.A.using fine motor skills and  learning to count!