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Name: Oscar T. Galdeano
Email Address: ogaldeano@eisd.net
Phone number: 210-444-8075
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Gus Garcia Middle School

Oscar T. Galdeano, is the Instructional Technology Facilitator at Gus Garcia Middle School. He graduated from John F. Kennedy High School (Class of 1985) in EISD. He graduated from U.T.S.A. with a B.A. in Physical Education in 1991 and a M.S. in Educational Leadership in 1997. This is his twenty-fifh year teaching. He taught Physical Education for eleven years. One year at Finley Elementary School, UISD in Laredo, Texas and ten years at Coronado-Escobar Elementary, EISD. He spent the last thirteen years teaching Technology at Coronado-Escobar Elementary (9), Perales Elementary (1), Las Palmas Elementary (1), Gus Garcia MS (2) with EISD. This is his third year at Gus Garcia Middle School, EISD.


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