Instructional Resource Page

Important Math & Reading Concepts that are taught in Kindergarten

Math Skills

Counting to 100

Recognizing numbers in any order

        Example: 8,   12,   4,   2,   25,  13,  1,  9

Identifying the missing number in a given set

        Example: 7 _  9   (answer 8)   15 __ 17 (answer 16)

Quantity discrimination- identify which number is greater.

Example:   12   or   6   (12 is greater)

Recognize numbers 1- 20 or higher!


Months of the Year

Days of the Week

Identify basic shapes and the know their attributes

Know their birthday (Month and Date)

Know their age

Reading Skills

Identify all letters in the alphabet (out of order too)

Letter sounds

Rhyming words (cat, bat, rat, sat)

Blending ( /b/u/s  is bus)

Deleting initial sounds (rain w/out r   is   ain)

Deleting final sounds ( fork w/out k is for)

Sound letter linking  (what sound does man begin with? Point to the correct letter…m )

*Listening story comprehension- After reading a story, ask questions to your child related to the story

Write first and last name

Kindergarten Sight Words

a         for        you          down       I        here

and      is         play          like        me       can

are      it         what          see         my       be

at        the         do            look        to        has

come   will         said          he          we        she

Last Modified on January 9, 2013