Our Schedule


7:45-7:55 Breakfast

7:55-8:25 Writing/ Language Arts

8:25-8:55 Reading- Shared/Independent

8:55- 10:10 Guided Reading Groups/ Centers


10:10-10:55Rotations / Conference

10:55- 11:25 Lunch


11:25-11:55 Phonological Awareness

11:55-12:15 Calendar/ Math Warm ups

12:15-1:25 Math-Whole/small group

1:25-2:10 Science

2:10-2:40 Social Studies/ Whole Group

2:40-3:00 Afternoon Message/Free Journal

3:00-3:05 Phonemic Awareness

3:05 Dismissal


Welcome to Mrs. Rios’

Kindergarten Class


This year your child will be introduced to many concepts and skills that are beneficial to their educational career. One of the most exciting concepts we will explore are letter sounds and using these letter sounds to make words! The world is full of words, and as soon as our children start making these literacy connections, their world becomes so much more colorful!


It is my strong belief that children learn best from hands on experiences. Your child will come home to share songs, poems, dances, and stories about their adventures in kindergarten. Children make the most prevalent connections to concepts learned when they have an opportunity to share their new knowledge with others. I encourage you to dialogue with your child and let them share with you all they have learned.


Let’s Have a Wonderful Year filled with Many Memorable Learning Experiences!


Please feel to free to contact me: Olivia Rios, Kindergarten Teacher

Loma Park Elementary (210) 444-8250

M-F 10:10-10:55 Conference Period




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