Ron Foster - EISD Instructional Technology Specialist (K-12)
Phone: 210-444-8113    Fax: 210-444-4528

Emma Frey Service Center, Room 3
900 S. San Eduardo
San Antonio, TX 78237

The Instructional Technology Department is in the Edgewood Service Center at Emma Frey.  Members of the department play a central role in planning and implementing EISD's strategies for computing technology.  

We offer a variety of staff development sessions on computing technology, ranging from introductory to advanced levels. These sessions are taught throughout the district.  Special staff development sessions may be arranged in response to requests for training that fall outside our regular Staff Development Schedule. We also provide community members the opportunity to learn how to use computers for their personal and community interests.


We have partnered with InfoSource to develop the  Phase I - 3 Technology Assessments that evaluate the knowledge and skill development in the use of computing technology. Employees may take these assessments with an Instructional Technology Facilitator on their home campus.
This section of the EISD-web is maintained by the Instructional Technology Department. We hope that it is of value to you and encourage your suggestions as to how we can make it better serve your needs.
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