Loma Park Pre-K Expectations

toyAttention all Pre-K students and parents, we will have a wonderful 2011-2012 school year.  Your child will learn many new skills that will reinforce their learning throughout the year.  Your child will be able to explore many hands on learning centers such as reading center with puppets, playdough center molding shapes, listening to scholastic books, exploring computer games, writing center, building block center, math center, dramatic center, painting center, puzzles center, and science centers.  I expect all students to follow safety rules at all times such as walking, listening and keeping hands to themeselves.  It is very important to be ready to begin the day learning new experiences.  I also expect students to be responsible to bring their homework folders daily, clean up after themeselves during  breakfast, and learning centers.  We will continue to learn new concepts throughout the year and I will keep you aware of the many projects you may do with your child at home. 
Thank you for your cooperation and dedication to your child's learning.  Let's have a wonderful year!
Thank you,
Ms. Vargas