Instructional Resource Page

Activites that can aid your child in becoming successful in reading and math:
Read articles or the comic pages in the newspaper and ask  5 W's questions:
While watching a program on t.v., also ask the 5 w's questions.
Practice multiplication facts using a deck of playing cards or dice.
Multiplication with a deck of cards:
1.  Place the deck of cards face down.
2.  Each flip 2 cards.
3.  Multiply the 2 cards.
4.  If you get the right answer, you get to keep the cards.
     If you get the wrong answer, you need to put them back into the deck.
5.  Each card is worth 1 point.
Multiplication with dice:
Flip two die and multiply.
Each correct answer is worth 1 point.
The person with the most points after a set amount of tries, WINS!
6.  The person with the most points wins.