Short Biography

Name: Alfredo J Fernandez
Email Address:
Campus Phone number: 210-444-8250

Welcome to 4th Grade

 Let me tell you a little about myself. I was born and raised here in San Antonio. I graduated from Harlandale High School spent three semesters at San Antonio College and then joined the Navy for 11 years. I was stationed in Iceland for two years and Puerto Rico for two years, my next duty station was the USS Guam. On board the ship I made two Med-Cruises, I have been lucky to visit the following countries, Cuba, Jamaica, Hati, Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, Sicily, Israel, Egypt, U. S. Virgin Islands, and the British Virgin Island.  It was indeed an education visiting many different countries. While in the Navy I was married to a girl back home and we are still married. I have three children a boy and two girls. Today I have two grandchildren a boy and a girl. I really enjoy teaching and look forward to each day. I have been coaching in the district for 16 years. I have truly enjoyed coaching and look forward to it each year. This is me in a nut shell.
      This year I will be starting my 21st year teaching. I am excited about the new challenges with the STAAR exam.This will be a great year!!!


pair spectacles sitting atop a text book