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   When students come into my classroom, they're going to experience many fun and innovative activities, games, and sports. The three most important objectives are safety first, participation, and for the students to have fun. The students will learn through cooperative learning, guided practice and self exploration. The students will always be praised for good work, effort, and they will also be encouraged to challenge themselves and each other and to always strive to do their very best in everything they do.
  • The students will have fun.
  • The students will show sportsmanship.
  • The students will have a positive attitude.
  • The students will participate and show effort.
  • The students will show teamwork and cooperation.
Gym Rules:
  • Students will be safe. 
  • Students will be polite.
  • Students will follow directions
  • Students will be respectful to themselves and others.  
  • Students will keep their hands and feet to themselves.
  • Verbal Warning
  • Time Out
  • Stage One
  • Parent Conference
  • Office Referral
Last Modified on May 5, 2013