Course Description-First Grade

Student expectations by subject:                                                                      
Science: Students will study weather, living things, earth/land/water, and magnets. 
Math:First Grade students will explore numbers, number patterns, measurement, simple fractions, time, and money. The children will work with two dimensional and three dimensional shapes.
Social Studies: In first grade social studies, students will explore the many aspects of our communities, both locally and globally, with a focus on the United States. They will learn about the people and places, historical events, national holidays, and symbols related to these many communities.
Writing:  Students will receive daily practice in sounding out words and writing them down in order to express their thoughts on paper. They will be taught to self-monitor their spelling, and to edit and revise their work. 
Reading: Students will be guided through the incredible world of reading through exposure to many trade books of various genres, themes, and topics. The children will be using Journeys to learn the relationship between the letters of written language and the sounds of oral language.
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Updated: 05.06.2014