Course Descriptions
The descriptions below are a sampling of topics that will be taught/reviewed:

Reading--drawing conclusion, generalizations, author's purpose, text purpose, inferencing, fact and opinion, cause and effect, compare and contrast, using context clues, graphic features, theme, main idea, plot, setting, character analysis, sequence, and summarizing.

Math--addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, perimeter, area, volume, fractions, decimals, place value, number patterns, geometric figures, coordinate system, probability, and problem solving.

Science--interdependency, food webs, ecosystems, nitrogen/carbon cycles, adaptations, inherited traits, life cycles, properties of water, classifying matter, mixtures/solutions, circuits, light, sound, boiling/melting point, forms of energy, force and motion, natural resources, fossil fuel formation, weathering and erosion, landforms, weather/climate, water cycle, Earth's rotation/revolution, lunar cycle, and characteristics of the planets.

Social Studies--Colonial America, The Revolution, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, US Government, civic values/rights/responsibilities, songs and symbols of American cultures, Lewis and Clark, Manifest Destiny, westward expansion, Civil War, democratic society, Reconstruction, influence of technology, Spanish-American War, free enterprise, Great Depression, 19th Amendment, and the Civil Rights Movement.

Language Arts--verbs, direct and indirect objects, conjunctions, complex sentences, quotations, complete sentences, compound sentences, common and proper nouns, singular and plural nouns, subject and object pronouns, verb tenses, regular and irregular verbs, active voice and passive voice, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, contractions, perfect tenses, transitions, possessive nouns, abbreviations, commas, end mark punctuation. Also writing purposes including: to express, to respond, to persuade, to narrate, to inform.

Mr. Castillo's Class Schedule

Daily Schedule

7:45-7:55 Breakfast/Brainfood (10 minutes)

7:55-9:55 Reading (120 minutes)

(7:55-8:40 Shared Reading/Whole Group Focus Lesson)

(8:40-9:25 Tier II Group)

(9:25-9:55 Small Group/Literature Circles/Stations)

9:55-10:55 Writing (60 minutes)

(9:55-10:15 Grammar/D.O.L – 20 minutes)

(10:15-10:55 Guided Writing/Writing Process/Conferencing/Group Sharing- 40 minutes)

10:55-11:30 Social Studies

11:30-12:00 Lunch

12:00-12:40 Math (40 minutes)

(12:00-12:15 Daily Problem Solving)

(12:15-12:40 CScope Focus Lesson/Whole Group)

12:40-1:25 Conference

1:25-2:15 Math

(1:25-1:55 Tier II – 30 minutes)

(1:55-2:15 Independent work/small group/stations)

2:15-3:10 Science

3:10-3:15 Prepare for Dismissal

3:15 Dismissal

Health: 8:00-8:45 Tuesday

Reflex Math- Tuesday