Students will learn all basic elements of music as required in the TEKS.

Music Class / Expectations / Objectives

 Music Classroom Expectations

Physical Expectations:
1. Enter quietly and be seated
2. Keep your hands, feet, and other objects
to yourself.
3.  Raise your hand to speak.
4.  Wear your uniform properly. 
Language Expectations:
1.  Use kind words and manners.   “Yes Sir / No Sir, “Please and Thank you”
2. Answer politely in complete sentences.
Respect Expectations:
1.  We will respect ourselves and others and their property.
2.  We will speak respectfully to adults, as well as our peers.  
Four Step Discipline Plan in our classroom:
1.  A discipline STAGE I report will be filed.
2.  A copy will be sent home for parent signature.
3.  The teacher will call parents.
4.  A consequence will be determined by the teacher


TEKS Objectives
Students will be able to:
Use music terminology
Read simple music notation
Create melodic patterns
Create rhythmic patterns
Sing /Play classroom instruments
Sing from memory using expression
Relate music to other subjects
Sing songs/Play games from diverse cultures
Evaluate performances using basic criteria