Coloring Pages(website: grouped by holidays and months) 
Vacation Budget Tool (document: an excel spreadsheet for Vacation Project)
Phases of the Moon(website: an animation of a Native American legend)
Phases of the Moon(website: photos and definitions)
PlanetsAnimation(powerpoint: simple project for solar system) 
Planets4Students (powerpoint template for the above activity)
txGradebook(powerpoint: Attendance & Gradebook Training)
Physical Characteristics of a Place  (powerpoint: show that Introduces the lesson and includes larger images Eng & Esp)
PhysicalCharacteristics4Students (powerpoint: presentation that allows students to sort by physical characteristics Eng & Esp)
Animal_Report(publisher:template for creating a brochure)
Famous_Person(publisher: template for creating a brochure)
Web_Portfolio_Development (PowerPoint Show: Educational Blogging)
Collaborative_Writing(website:great lab writing activity,each child their own color,create a new pad and get started)
TypingWeb(Great free typing web 2.0 site, learn your typing rate fast)
MathFlix(Quicktime movies on mathematics concepts)
 Document Camera on Steroids
Harry, the Dairy Farmer (Podcast: Read Aloud: Magic Minutes_Quick Read Alouds for Every Day)
Two Foolish Cats (Podcast: Read Aloud: Magic Minutes_Quick Read Alouds for Every Day) 
Promethean User Guide: This is an awesome user guide for use with the Promethean board and the ActivInspire software. 
Watch Edgewood Grow Using Google's Earth Timelapse from 1984 to 2012
Last Modified on January 5, 2017