Coloring Pages(website: grouped by holidays and months) 
Vacation Budget Tool (document: an excel spreadsheet for Vacation Project)
Phases of the Moon(website: an animation of a Native American legend)
Phases of the Moon(website: photos and definitions)
PlanetsAnimation(powerpoint: simple project for solar system) 
Planets4Students (powerpoint template for the above activity)
txGradebook(powerpoint: Attendance & Gradebook Training)
Physical Characteristics of a Place  (powerpoint: show that Introduces the lesson and includes larger images Eng & Esp)
PhysicalCharacteristics4Students (powerpoint: presentation that allows students to sort by physical characteristics Eng & Esp)
Animal_Report(publisher:template for creating a brochure)
Famous_Person(publisher: template for creating a brochure)
Web_Portfolio_Development (PowerPoint Show: Educational Blogging)
Collaborative_Writing(website:great lab writing activity,each child their own color,create a new pad and get started)
TypingWeb(Great free typing web 2.0 site, learn your typing rate fast)
 Document Camera on Steroids
Harry, the Dairy Farmer (Podcast: Read Aloud: Magic Minutes_Quick Read Alouds for Every Day)
Two Foolish Cats (Podcast: Read Aloud: Magic Minutes_Quick Read Alouds for Every Day) 
Promethean User Guide: This is an awesome user guide for use with the Promethean board and the ActivInspire software. 
Watch Edgewood Grow Using Google's Earth Timelapse from 1984 to 2012
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