My Vision for Loma Park Elementary

This year is filled with exciting changes, not only in title, but emphasis. This year I am called your Instructional Technology Facilitator, which simply put means my focus will be on training teachers and though I may still teach your children technology integration it will be to a lesser role. Over the years I have noticed parents who refer to their children as the household computer experts and defer to their judgement in most cases when it comes to the Internet and computing in general. In order for true change to take place, parents need to reassert themselves as parents from a technology standpoint.
My vision is this: I want to teach in a school were technology is more than just a tool. The light switch on the wall is no longer considered a wonder, it's a necessity;Technology needs to be a necessity. Technology in my world is like air to breath and when deprived of technology, like air, we are lost. Parents, Grandparents, Community members, Teachers and Students in my school will come to depend on technology to enhance and improve our very way of life.
In order to address this vision, I will incorporate technology classes for parents on a monthly basis. We learn about the internet, computers and robotics just to name a few, and I can't wait to meet all of you to learn your needs and hear about your dreams. 
This vision has paid dividends in the past at previous schools and I can't wait to get started here at Loma. It's an exciting time here at Loma, come be a part of the future today!
Last Modified on August 18, 2012