Evaluation Department Quick Overview

Hello EDGEWOOD Community!

Greetings from Melinda and Milsi!  We are the evaluators for EDGEWOOD ISD of San Antonio.  Our job and our mission is to create critical and objective reports on student, teacher, staff, program and district data and information for EDGEWOOD stakeholders.  Simply said, evaluation is determining the worth, merit or value of information or data matched up against an appropriate criteria or significance in relation to a standard. Our evaluation strategies can only be successfully coordinated, integrated, and executed through an ongoing results- and data-driven collaboration with EDGEWOOD stakeholders.

Service Center at Emma Frey
900 S San Eduardo, Building 2
San Antonio, TX 78237
Milsi Perez
Senior Evaluator
Melinda Valverde
Senior Evaluator
Phone: 210.444.8116
Jacob Jimenez
Grant Administrator
Phone: 210.444.7700
Maristela Vázquez Marion
Bookkeeper/Data Specialist
Phone: 210.444.8128
ext. 1074