Library Course Description
In the library students will interact with a variety of information.  They will use books, online reference materials and various media to gain information.  The goal of the library is for the students to become lifelong learners.  
Students will be involved in storytime, readers theater, technology activities. They will be exposed to various genres of books and will be encouraged to read various types of books.  They will also be involved in checking out books for their AR reading points.  This will be used to increase their reading skills.  Students will also learn how to locate books in the library using the Dewey Decimal System.
Library Course Description


Cognitive Reading Strategies
Reading Comprehension Skills
Infromation Literacy Skills
Texas 2X2 Books


Third, Fourth and Fifth Grades

Library Rules and Procedures

Reading Comprehension Skills

Cognitive Reading Strategies

Information Literacy Skills

Bluebonnet Books




Last Modified on October 27, 2016