This is just an insight to all the things we will learn! With your continued support I feel that WE CAN give our students the best education. I hope they enjoy their last year in elementary!


During the first half of the year we will focus on number concepts, operations,  and fractions/decimals. The second half of the year our focus will be measurement and geometry.  Multiplication and division will continue to be a priority as they should be able to memorize and recall the facts quickly. We will continue with our math facts fast quizzes. The students will have either multiplication or division facts to solve within 4 minutes. Accuracy is very important.  Also the students will be using the grid paper as a resource to help get all they can memorize onto it to assist them during a test.




From learning TEXAS HISTORY last year, we will take a trip through AMERICAN HISTORY this year. We will also capture geography and economics of the U.S. , as well.  We will learn about places, people, and events starting with globalization, beginning in the 1950’s. We will learn about colonization of the Americas and the progression of American History ending in the 20th century.  Our newest curriculum is Social Studies Weekly, it is a great newspaper style consumable



This will be a BIG FOCUS this year. Along with Math and Reading, the students will also be tested in Science on the STAAR. The following units and concepts the students will learn are physical, life, earth, and space.  The students will be expected to participate in the district Science Fair.  There will be many hands on lessons to capture the scientist at heart. Be ready for an exciting, intense year of science. From interactive word walls to hands on, I commit myself to ensure your students find a passion for science. 

We have adopted PEARSON for both math and science. The great thing is that your child can access their textbook and resources at home. They have been given their user names and passwords to allow this resource to be utilized in the comfort of their home. We also will be using STEMSCOPES for an additional support in science.