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Hello, Welcome to Ms. Keeler's First Grade Web Page!
Name: Ruth Keeler
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Campus Phone number: (210) 444-7800

 Let's have fun learning together.

I am so happy that you are part of my class this year.  This is my fourth year teaching at Henry B. Gonzales Elementary School.  I love working with first graders.  There is nothing more exciting than helping children learn to read!  I have two grown married daughters Rachel and Sarah.  I have one grandson Augustus who lives very far away in New York.  I have a beautiful black dog named Daisy.  My favorite thing to do is read.  Whenever I have free time I will sit and read a book.  My favorite place to read is at the beach.
When I was in first grade I lived in California with my parents and two brothers.  It was nice to be in a state with a lot of mountains and oceans. My last year of college I got to study in a country called Indonesia.  It was very exciting to live in a rainforest for 6 months!  When I got older I got married and moved to Arizona.  I lived there for 10 years and both my girls were born there.  Then I moved with my family to San Antonio.  I love living in San Antonio Texas.  I love the history that our city offers us.
I am excited to share this wonderful journey with you!  Let's have fun learning in first grade.
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