Ms. Keeler's First Grade Class


In Ms. Keeler's First Grade Class this year 2013-14 we will be learning a lot of new things.  The most important thing for our first graders is to learn to be good readers.  Our class word for the year is "Urgent".  All of the student's know that it is Urgent for them to become good readers.  Good readers read with fluency and think about what they read.  Thinking about what we read requires us to be good listeners.  We will also start blogging!  We will be able to share our writing with other students, teachers, and parents.

In Math we will be learning all about numbers and number patterns.  Time and money will be introduced and the students will have the opportunity to work with manipulatives to gain knowledge of math facts.
Science we will be studying many different concepts.  We will have an opportunity each week to work in the science lab.  In May we will be having a science fair where the students will be creating a science fair project together as a class.
In Social Studies we will be learning about the world around us.  We will learn new information about our state Texas, our city San Antonio, our country The United States of America, and our world.  Our eyes will be opened to many new ideas.