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Name: Ms. Barreiro   
Email Address: margo.barreiro@eisd.net
Campus Phone number: 210-444-7800

My interests include spending time with my family which is made up of two girls, a boy, and a dog.  We enjoy spending time at home, at the park, hiking, at sporting events, and traveling.  This summer we spent a week at the beach visiting my hometown (Port Isabel, Tx.) and a week visiting my sister on her little ranch (near Fort Worth, Texas).
I love to inquire about the world around me.  I love chocolate, playing volleyball, drinking coffee in the morning, playing word games, reading, the smell of a freshly mowed lawn, the smell of rain, playing in the rain, and being by any body of water.  I also love--LOVE looking at the night sky while laying on our trampoline.   
My hopes are to help students learn basic concepts and engage them in the problem-solving process both locally and globally.  I encourage you and them to continually inquire about the world and continue striving for the best for all!
My experience working with children includes working with dislocated/unaccompanied Cuban and Haitian minors while stationed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba during Operation Safe Haven, working in a group home for girls ages 12-18 in Arvada, Colorado, leading a youth group in CCE, substitute teaching for NISD and PIISD, and teaching for SWISD.  Currently (2013-2014), I am in my fourth year of teaching here in EISD and my 13th year cumulatively as a classroom teacher.
Educational Background:
I'm a high school graduate of Port Isabel, Texas where I graduated with honors.  I attended Texas State University when it was known as Southwest Texas State University and completed my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice at the University of Texas @ Brownsville where I was on the Dean's list a few times.  I received a certification in teaching through the University of Texas @ San Antonio in 2002.  I continue to learn professionally each year by attending workshops and professional development courses.  Personally, my learning continues with each year and each student.
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