Course Description & Expectations
The purpose of PE in Elementary is to cover all the basic functions and skills used in various sports. For example, football - catching and throwing. Basketball- dribbling  and shooting.  Volleyball- bumping and setting. Track- Handoffs and running in a lane. I believe that all students should participate in these BASIC fundamentals.  You never know which child you may spark a flame in that will begin thier athletic career. Not only are basic fundamentals of sports taught in Elementary, so are the 4 pillars I believe will help ALL children in sports and life. Strength, Flexibility, Cardiovascular, and Nutrition.  I want to expose your child to these 4 pillars everyday, all year, so they will have the foundation to succeed in Sports and Life.  I look forward to working with your child and with your help I know WE CAN SUCCEED in making PE a part of their life.