Mr. Barrientos

Welcome to the 5th grade the link will take you to the Class Schedule.

Classroom Rules: The students with my guidance have come up with the classroom rules. We start with the "Golden Rule" treat others as you would like to be treated.
In addition to the Golden Rule I have one rule I quote "when I'm talking you are not talking"
Along with the classroom rules we have the campus rules:

Winston Eagles S.O.A.R.
Safty First 
* Always walk
* Eyes forward when walking
* Follow directions
Offer Your Best Behavior
* Follow district dress code
* Complete all assignments
* Be present and on time
Act Responsibly and Honestly
* Keep school cleas nad free of graffiti
* Have all supplies
* Report problems to adults
Respect Self and Others
* Keep hands and feet to self
* Listen at all times
* Use quiet and appropriate language when speaking to adults and peers

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