Welcome to the HBG Student Council Page!
Student council is all about trying to make a school a better place with different ideas.

Different ideas make an up a whole idea that everybody likes. There are different positions in student council. Such as:

  • in charge of our meetings and making sure all other officers are doing what they are supposed to do
 Vice president
  • next in charge in case the President is not available
  • in charge of collecting and managing the money
  • post pictures of student council acitivities and update the webpage
  • records minutes of meetings
  • takes pictures of student council's activities
Fundraiser coordinator
  • organizes fundraising activities                                        


Henry B. Gonzalez Elementary 2010-2011 Student Council Officers



HBG Student Council

President- Jose A.

Co-President – Camila M.

Vice President-Marcos M.

Co-Vice President-Briana A.

 1 VP - George G.

 2 VP –Juanita O.

 Treasurer- Diana S.

 Co-Treasurer-Monica G.  

 Secretary-Stephanie R.

 Co-Secretary-Ramiro H.

Fundraiser coordinator-Christian B.

Co-Fundraiser Coordinator –Bryanna A.

Sergeant at Arms –Isaiah L.

Historians – Ben V., Jordan G., Johnny S., Sammy A.

Webmasters – Richard R., Julie J., Andrea R., Jose A.,Syress S., Kelia G., Alejandra G.     


We are under the guidance of Mrs. Ortega, Ms. Guerrero, and Ms. Leiva.
Last Modified on October 1, 2009