Name: Christine Reynolds
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Campus Phone number: (210) 444-8150

A little about me.




Hi, my name is Christine Reynolds and I have been teaching at Edgewood for six years.  I realized that I wanted to be a teacher back in high school when I took an early childhood course.  I spent lots of time with a first grade class at Elrod Elementary.  I loved  working with the children and watching them learn and grow.  I graduated from UTSA in the spring of 2005.   I have always lived by the quote that one of my professors said and that was "You will be a successful teacher if you love each and every student as if they were your own child" and I live by this as a teacher. 
I have two girls ages 14 and 4.  We like to watch movies, cook, shop, swim, and travel.  We also love to take trips together.  We drove all the way to Florida over the summer.  We visited Disney World and the beach.  We stopped in New Orleans on the way back and took a swamp tour.  We saw alligators and even got to hold a baby alligator.  It was so much fun, probably the best part of our trip. 

We have a dog and a cat.  Our dog Sammy is part Labrador and part Boxer and he loves to bark.  Our cat is an orange tabby named Peter. 

Karen and Chloe

I had a blast decorating my class this year and getting everything ready.  I am enjoying our class and the kids are wonderful.  It's already a great year!