• The Staff Development Department manages and reserves training rooms in the district. Rooms available to reserve are:



    900 S. San Eduardo Ave San Antonio, TX 78237

    Emma Frey W.A.R. Room --- Seating Capacity 22

    Emma Frey Media Center ---- Seating Capacity 65

    Emma Frey Cafeteria (after 1:00PM ONLY) ---- Seating Capacity 100


    607 S. W. 34th Street San Antonio, TX 78237

    Fine Arts Academy Room A-201 --- Seating Capacity 25

    Fine Arts Acadmey Room A-202 --- Seating Capacity 25

    Fine Arts Academy Room A-204 --- Seating Capacity 25

    Fine Arts Academy Room B-201 --- Seating Capacity 25

    Fine Arts Academy Room Library --- Seating Capacity 40


     Please use this form for room reservations


    When using any of the training rooms please remember to follow these procedures:

    • Communicate your desired seating arrangement well in advance.

    • Request any items needed or technology needed well in advance of your session: chart paper, markers etc.

    • If technology was unplugged or removed please replace it to its original set up.

    • Turn off all projectors, computers and promethean boards before exiting room.

    • Remove items from your session from the room such as: handouts, posters, any materials.

    • Kindly ask participants to throw their trash away on their way out.

    • Return any items checked out from the Staff Development Office after your training.


      Thank you for helping to make the Edgewood ISD a world class location for your meetings and training sessions.


      If you have any questions please contact Patricia Zamora at 444-8122 ext. 1049 or pzamora@eisd.net