All EISD students and teachers are able to access our collection of almost 7000 ebooks and digital audio books via the Follett Shelf Enlight or Brytewave apps!


All can access the Follett Shelf on their computer at

Or they can follow the directions below to access using your iOS or Android devices:



Student can login in with username = eisd, password = eisd .

Teachers can log in and check out items (limit 2 at a time for 14 days) and even download to their mobile devices. Teacher username = 6-digit district ID#, password = 6-digit district ID#


Here are some links to instructional guides to help you to navigate inside of the Follett Enlight app:
Enlight for Students                      Enlight for Teachers         Brytewave for Teachers (video)        
FolletShelf Quick Reference Guide

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



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