Welcome, from Dr. José A. Cervantes
Edgewood ISD provides a solid foundation with a World-Class Education.

Hello, friends and followers of Edgewood ISD. Welcome to the school district’s web site, and thank you for visiting the Superintendent’s page.   

   The first sentence is not just our school district’s new vision statement. It is a commitment to what our teachers, support staff, campus and district administrators, and Board of Trustees are doing every day for approximately 12,000 students.

   There are many great things happening within Edgewood’s 16 square miles. We offer extensive early childhood services, a rigorous curriculum, diverse extracurricular activities, a wide array of vocational and fine art opportunities, and competitive 5A athletics program.   

   In addition, Edgewood ISD is home to a high-quality Head Start program, dual language instruction from kindergarten to high school, comprehensive special education services, individualized college-readiness programs, vocational certifications, and dual-credit courses for college.

   Edgewood ISD offers our students real-life learning options, including the fine arts – dance, music, theater, and visual arts – and vocational – animation, audio-video technology, automotive technology, and cosmetology. Students also have the choice of business and information technology; construction, architecture,manufacturing; criminal justice; health science; culinary arts; advanced robotics; 3D modeling; engineering internships; and higher education partnerships.

   Students have a wide range of options to fulfill their academic and extracurricular interests. Learning does not end with the students. Edgewood ISD promotes support and professional learning opportunities for all staff members as well.

   Targeted professional learning is provided for all instructional staff with a focus on New Math TEKS, Literacy Coaching, Thinking Maps, STAAR and Technology. A New Teacher Induction Program includes high-quality mentoring targeted to the needs of the new teacher, and we offer support to new administrators via a mentoring program. 
   Edgewood ISD is committed to the belief that all children can meet challenging expectations through a partnership between home, school and community. Our teachers, support staff and administrators share a common focus, which is to prepare our students to be ready to face the demands of today’s society and tomorrow’s world.
   We can achieve this by surrounding our students with professionals who encourage, inspire and have high expectations for all students. Edgewood ISD will continue to provide a safe school and classroom environment for our students, employees, and visitors. Students will understand that we have high expectations for them and we will provide them the support and encouragement they need to ensure their success.

   We acknowledge the many barriers facing our students today. There are great social, emotional and economic demands placed upon our students that many of us never had to face. Members of Team Edgewood recognize the need to build and foster relationships that extend beyond our schools. It is important for us to create school environments that allow parents and guardians, and community members to feel welcomed, respected and encouraged to participate.

   Parents are the key to a student’s success and as a district, we need to work with our stakeholders so they will come to know us, have confidence in our abilities, and value Edgewood ISD. The world is too complicated and Edgewood will continue to reach out to our partners in the community to assist us in giving our students the World-Class Education we can provide.
I am proud to represent Edgewood ISD in a couple of great organizations – the Edgewood Lions Club, which provides needed health-related services and information for the community, and the Westside Development Corporation. 

Dr. Cervantes
Thank you.
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