• Edgewood ISD 2014 -2015 PBIS Guide

    by Patricia Zamora- Staff Development Director
    Edgewood ISD values the importance providing safe and civil schools for our students, community and staff.
    Participating in the Positive Behavior and Support Program ensures this value.
    Attached is District Guide with expectations for PBIS Campus Handbooks, Dates for Common Area Observations, Pep Rallies, Surveys and Benchmarks of Quality.
    EISD PBIS 2014-2015.docx, 22.62 KB (Last Modified on Tuesday at 6:02 PM)
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  • 2014-2015 PBIS Team Training Schedule

    by Patriica Zamora- Staff Development Director
    All campuses in Edgewood ISD participate in the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports Program. (PBIS)
    Campus teams, administrators and district coaches will be re-trained this year.
    A targeted training schedule has been developed for Elementary and Secondary Teams.
    All team members, PBIS Administrators and District Coaches are expected to attend the scheduled trainings which will take place at the Region 20 Service Center.
    PBIS for 2014-2015.doc, 106.50 KB (Last Modified on Tuesday at 6:10 PM)
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  • PBIS District Coaches

    by Patricia Zamora - Staff Development Director
    2014-15 PBS District Coaches Final.doc, 36.50 KB (Last Modified on Tuesday at 6:01 PM)
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  • PBIS Administrators Training

    by Patricia Zamora - Staff Development Director
    Aug. 2014 PBIS Administrator Training.pptx, 142.20 KB (Last Modified on August 11, 2014)
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