Welcome to "Information for Parents"

A few things all parents of my students need to know:
In every unit of study, students will receive a set of study notes that they are supposed to review and study before the exam. They should receive the notes several days before the unit test. Students need to read from their study notes for about 20 minutes each night the week before the exam. Ask to see the notes to verify they have them. If they do not have the notes, they can access them through my "Instructional Resource" site here.
These notes are designed to help clarify material covered in class and to prepare for their unit test which is always a major grade. A calendar showing test dates will be updated on my web page.
Please see that they are doing their reading.
Students must be reading from the study notes EVERY night the week before exams, no exceptions.
Tutoring Update: Normal tutoring schedule is Tuesday and Thursday from 4:15 to 5:15.
The Thursday scheduled tutoring for Feb 2 is canceled due to family matters. Thursday tutoring will resume on 2-10-17. 
Last Modified on January 29, 2017