Grant Resources Page


One must Amend a grant in any of the following cases:
  1. Add a class/object code not previously budgeted.
  2. Increase or decrease the amount of funds currently approved in a class/object code on the Program Budget Summary by more than 25% of the total budgeted amount.
  3. Increase the salary amount of funds budgeted for a line item (i.e., a position type such as teacher, project director, or teacher’s aide) by more than 10%.
  4. Add a new line item on any of the supporting budget schedules.
    Increase or decrease the number of positions approved by 20% or less.
  5. Increase or decrease the number of positions approved by more than 20%.
  6. Add a type of position not initially approved.
  7. Add a new item of computer hardware/equipment (not capitalized).
  8. Add a new item or increase the quantity of capital outlay items approved for articles costing $5,000 or more.
  9. Add a new item of capital outlay for articles costing less than $5,000.
Costs that Do Not require specific approval
  1. Test scoring
  2. Staff and student tuition and fees for higher education, public, and nonpublic schools
  3. Maintenance and repair of equipment purchased with grant funds rendered by firms, individuals, or organizations other than the LEA
  4. Utilities, including communication costs
  5. Rentals and leases for equipment not owned by the grantee’s organization
  6. Contracted accounting or bookkeeping services (that do not meet the definition of professional services that require licensed professionals)
  7. Contracted services provided by education service centers (ESCs)
  8. Contracted publication and printing costs
  9. Maintenance and operations supplies and materials
  10. Textbooks and other reading materials
  11. Testing materials, such as test booklets
  12. General supplies and materials