(Course Description)

Gus Garcia Art explores and builds upon the basic Art Elements and Principles of Design. Students will spend the year developing their artistic ability, working with different materials and participating in activities selected from, but not limited to the list below.

Elements of Art
Principles of Design
Sketchbook Assignments
One-Three Point Perspective 
Computer Generated Art
Still Life Drawing
Optical Illusions
Color Theory
Mixed Media
Study of Artists
Study of Artistic Styles
Students will:
  • Have enthusiasm for learning new activities
  • Participate in Art lectures/activities/projects daily
  • Be open to new projects and different styles of art
  • Work to achieve creative and visual thinking skills
  • Appreciate and understand the value of Art
  • Develop creative expression/performance
  • Develop social skills that demonstrate the importance of group work and cooperation in-group activities
  • Demonstrate a high level of interest and show initiative, enthusiasm, and commitment
  • Evaluate their own and others performance
  • Experience enjoyment and satisfaction through creative expression
You are expected to be present every class. Each lesson is based on your understanding of previous sessions. 
Instruction begins as you enter classroom. Warm-ups will be on board for you to do while I take attendance. 5-7 min.
These will be counted as a WEEKLY test grade = 9 test grades per semester.
Students must have school supplies. Arrive equipped with required supplies ready for use.  Sharpen pencils as you arrive.
Lectures and Demos:
It is your responsibility to sit where you can see the demo and hear the lectures.  TAKE NOTES if you need to (take initiative)!  You are responsible for the information given.  If you cannot hear me, tell me immediately.  If you do not understand, immediately ask for clarification. I give detailed demonstrations and several examples of art projects. 
This is your studio, but my classroom. Students will treat art classroom space as a fully functional art studio. 
Students will work at their own pace and feel safe and comfortable in an environment to create art. They will keep the classroom neat and free from any safety hazards ie, properly handling supplies and keeping aisles clear of personal belongings. Students will understand the process for cleaning tables and supplies and properly storing their art for the next day.
The handouts you will receive are important.  Study and profit from them.  Bring to class each day, unless instructed to turn in.  I expect to be treated just as a core area subject.  Elective classes are just as equal.
On an as needed basis. If I assign home fun, I expect it the next day.  It is your responsibility as a student to do the work assigned.
Major projects:
Have your work done and ready on date specified by me.  DO NOT waste valuable class time.  You will participate in class critique using proper terminology and etiquette.  You are strongly urged to take written notes during critiques.  Your name, assignment name, and class period should be printed clearly on back of project.  If I cannot read it, I cannot and will not accept project.

Grading Procedures
Major projects — 50%
Daily assignments, Homework, and Class participation —   50%