Syllabus/Classroom Rules and Expectations 
 Ms. Reyes      •      Rm. #118      •     2013-2014

(Course Description)

Gus Garcia Art explores and builds upon the basic Art Elements and Principles of Design. Students will spend the year developing their artistic ability, working with different materials and participating in activities selected from, but not limited to the list below.

  •  Elements of Art 
  •  Computer Generated Art
  • Mixed Media      
  •  Principles of Design
  •  Still Life Drawing
  • Charcoal Drawings
  •  Sketchbook Assignments
  •  Painting
  • Pen and Ink 
  •  Various Line Drawings
  •  Collages
  • Color Theory  
You can find the TEKS throughout the year at the following link:  


  • Have enthusiasm for learning new activities
  • Work to achieve critical and visual thinking skills 
  • Appreciate and understand the value of art
  • Develop creative expression and performance
  • Develop social skills that demonstrates the importance of group work and cooperation in group   activities
  • Demonstrate a high level of interest and personal engagement showing initiative, enthusiasm, and commitment
  • Show knowledge and understanding in a variety of activities and evaluate their own and others   performance
  • Experience enjoyment and satisfaction through creative expression
  • Show knowledge and understanding of the many different origins of Art
  • Identify and perform service learning throughout their community

Classroom Rules/Procedures:


  • Be inside the classroom before the designated time or they will be considered tardy. 
  • Be treated as young adults, i.e.: Take responsibility for their actions.
  • Learn to apply communication skills
  • To RESPECT all who enter the classroom
  • To be RESPONSIBLE and come to class prepared to learn
  • Be open to new discoveries and different types of art
  • Follow all district/school rules
  • NO GUM—At All
  • Bring materials necessary to participate in class every day
  • Stand or be seated in designated class area for roll call
  • Participate in art lectures/activities/projects
Grading System:
Daily assignments, class participation, and homework            50%
Major projects                                                                                   50%