• Dream Act

    Posted by Gloria Saldana at 11/6/2013
    The DREAM Act is the Development Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act.  This act, if passed, would grant permanent citizenship to the children of undocumented workers if the children completed two years of college, trade school, or military service. 

         If you had to advice your congressman to vote on this issue, how would you advice him to vote?  Why?
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  • Study of Foreign language

    Posted by Gloria Saldana at 11/5/2013

    In France, students at a Lycee have to study many languages.  They are required to to study French, two foreign languages, and a classical language?

        What do you think about the rigorous schedule of languages they have to study?  How would you like to study that many languages?




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  • The Justice System

    Posted by Gloria Saldana at 11/5/2013
    In most arrests and most cases that go to trial in the United States, the person is innocent until proven guilty.  In Europe, it's another matter.  In those countries, you are guilty until proven innocent.  Is one situation the same as the other?  Are the words just juxtaposed?  Or is it a completely diferent set of circumstances? 
         What do you think?  Why?
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