• What ideas do you have for Daily 5 in Spanish?

    Posted by claudia lopez at 10/24/2014
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  • Dr. Gentry

    Posted by claudia lopez at 10/24/2014
    Are you running out of time with writing. I can't seem to squeez everthing in our writing time. Student enjoy sharing their writing but we always seem to run out of time. Any ideas to make my students feel their writing is worth the time.
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  • Toolkit books in Spanish.

    Posted by claudia lopez at 10/24/2014
    Toolkit lessons are great but its very difficult to find books in Spanish. Mrs. Hewgley our librarian at Loma Park is a great resource. If I can't find the book in Spanish she gets me one with the same concept. I am constantly keeping my eye out to see if I can find the same book because they are really great stories.
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