Memorial High School

Parental Involvement

Policy 2014-2015

Vision: The Memorial High School educational community will empower all members, set high expectations, promote mutual respect, and develop responsible, productive, creative, and critically thinking citizens.

Mission: Memorial High School provides a positive and inviting academic environment where all students are challenged to learn at their highest level and all students understand the importance of an education.

Goals: The partnership between home and school will be supported by:
1.   The principal, teachers, staff and other school administrators actively expressing and promoting the philosophy of partnership with all families.

2.   The schools encouraging volunteer participation from families and the community and will provide the necessary space and tools to do so.

3.   The school recognizes its responsibility to unite a partnership with all families in the school not simply those most easily available.

4.   Families who are encouraged, both formally and informally, to comment on school policies and to share in decision-making.

5.   Families are treated as collaborators in the educational process, along with playing a strong role in their children’s school learning and behavior.

6.   Communicating with families frequently, about policies, or their child’s progress. We also encourage for our families to attend our annual parent meeting.
7.   Recognizing its responsibility to unite a partnership with all families in having an open, friendly and helpful school climate.

8.   A district-wide committee of parents, teachers,  and administrators to guide overall program effort and serve as a home-school partnership network.



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