• Keep Moving Forward

    Posted by Mrs. Gatell at 10/23/2013
         As the nine weeks comes to a close, it is a time to reflect on what we have done and where we are going. Unfortunately, it is also a time when many students begin to lose focus in class and of their longterm goals. It is easy to get sucked into short-term thinking by wanting to avoid a task or class assignment. However, those short-term decisions affect your long-term goals and success and can keep you from reaching your potential. How can you avoid negative short-term thinking and remain focused on your goals in order to be successful this year?
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  • What is the worst problem facing teens today?

    Posted by Mrs. Gatell at 10/16/2013
          As we finish Unit 5 in Read 180, which is titled "Under Pressure", we are reviewing the topics we have covered. Throughout the unit, we have discussed many issues faced by teens such as bullying, peer pressure, and low self esteem. In your opinion, which is the worst problem facing teens today and why?
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