• Safety Quiz

    Posted by Connie Horejsi at 10/9/2013
    Please respond to the following vocabulary quiz in the comment box below.
    Type in 1 A    2B   3C ...  or whatever correct choices you make.
                The dark bold vocabulary terms match the bold answer choices.
      1. safety goggles a. used to magnify tiny, microscope objects
      2.  miroscopeb. used to catch butterflies and insects
      3.  hand lens c. an instrument that measures in milliliters
      4.  collecting netd. a scale with 3 arms that measures in grams
      5. triple beam balance e. an instrucment that measures time in small units
      6. thermometer f. used to magnify small objects
      7.  stopwatchg. protects eyes from dangerous materials
      8.  rain guage h. magnetic fiels that attracts iron
      9. graduated cylinder k. used to measure the amount of rainfall
      10. magnet m. an instrument that measures the temperature
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