• What does being a responsible citizen mean to you?

    Posted by Silvia Briseno at 12/9/2013
    In this week for social studies we will be learning about what being a responsible citizen and how our government leaders have an impact on our rights as citizens.  Let's review what you think a responsible citizen means to you. 
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  • Revolution and its Effects: Musical and Literary Works

    Posted by Silvia Briseno at 11/5/2013
    During the Revolution time period, What things were important to people of the day?  What did they value?  (Hint:  think about culture, beliefs, and values of that time)
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  • Reading Strategies Using Your Inner Conversations

    Posted by Silvia Briseno at 10/28/2013
    In Reading we are learning to use our inner conversations.  How has this helped you?  What do you think about them?
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  • My Grain of Sand-Un granito de arena

    Posted by Norma Alaniz at 10/3/2013
    In Social Studies, we learn how different people changed the world. Explain how you would like to change or help the world. What would you like changed? (Please respond in complete sentences.)
    En estudios sociales aprendemos como diferentes personas han cambiado el mundo. Explica cómo te gustaría cambiar o ayudar al mundo. Qué te gustaría ver ser cambiado? (Favor de contestar en oraciones completas.) 
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