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A Guide to the Instructional Technology Facilitator’s Role

Purpose of Position:

·        Provides training and support to staff memberson technology integration, the Texas Technology Application TEKS, the SBEC

·        Technology Competencies for Educators, andadministrative applications.

·        Assists in inducting new staff.

·        Assist with hardware, software, and networkproducts.

·        Assists in the implementation of the districtinitiatives and building-level technology plans.

·        Duties & Responsibilities

1. Planning and Facilitating Teaching and Learning

·        Collaborates all instructional staff to developcurriculum materials and specific lesson plans that integrates technology

·        Demonstrates and models on a regular basis theintegration of technology in all curriculum areas

·        Facilitates school participation in technologyprograms and activities

·        Provide sustained, in-depth professionaldevelopment for campus staff

·        Collaborates to provide leadership in theschool‘s use of instructional technology resources to enhance learning

·        Follows a plan for professional development andactively seeks out opportunities to grow professionally

·        Provide frequent feedback to staff members andadministrators regarding instructional technology

2. Planning and Facilitating Information Access and Delivery

·        Works with the principal and school leadershipteam to provide access to technology resources and services

·        Works with campus and technology staff in theselection of resources that are compatible with the school’s infrastructure

·        Participates with any Technology Committee toassist with planning the design of the technology infrastructure so that

·        information resources are continually availableto the school community

·        Adheres to and communicates copyright &other laws and guidelines pertaining to the distribution and ethical useresources

·        Facilitates remote/live broadcast of events andtraining on the use of multimedia equipment and software

3. Planning and Facilitating Program Administration

·        Leads, in partnership with the InstructionalTechnology Specialist and Campus Performance Objectives Committee (CPOC) in

·        effective decision making to promote the mediaand technology program.

·        Monitors the use of instructional technology toensure that resources and activities enhance rigorous academic content and the

·        school’s mission

·        Provides support for TxGradebook, Pinnacle,Edusoft and any other district adopted software program available in thedivision

·        Collaborates with teachers, CurriculumSpecialists, Library Media staff and Technology staff to evaluate and selectresources

·        addressing curricular needs and learning goals

·        Attends district-level support/follow-upsessions during the school year

·        Prepares and submits accurate reports asrequired

·        Use appropriate and effective techniques forcommunity and parent involvement

·        Facilitate the Technology Inventory process

Debra Martinez
Instructional Technology Facilitator
Roy Cisneros Elementary
Last Modified on September 29, 2013