Anti-Bullying Information

Edgewood ISD Parents:


While we strive to make our schools a safe learning environment and nurturing place for our students and school leaders, bullying is a serious issue that every school in the nation faces.


At EISD, we believe in working together with parents to combat bullying. We know this problem isn't confined to school grounds. Bullying at school affects and is affected by what happens at home between siblings, what happens in the neighborhood, and what happens when kids go online. We must work together to take immediate action, whether a child bullies, is a victim of bullying, or is a witness to bullying.


Edgewood ISD wants to ensure our students take a stand against bullying.  All students will be provided  guidance lessons to introduce our bullying pledge in the months of September and October.  We will continue to provide monthly lessons in November and December to encourage our students to stay away from bullying.  In January all Edgewood ISD campuses will implement guidance lessons using the same curriculum titled “Take a Stand”.  We will also have a new system that will be available online In February called “Edgewood Alert”.  Edgewood Alert will allow our students to report bullying, suicide ideation, or any other activities that may interfere with learning. 


I encourage you to consult a free resource for parents that provides valuable information about bullying. This resource helps parents take an active role in addressing bullying at school.



Edgewood ISD is pleased to share this free resource with you as part of our continuing effort to ensure a safe and productive learning environment for your child.

Below are the letter that were sent to parents explaing the Take A Stand program.




District Anti-Bullying Pledge


We will not accept bullying at our school.

Our goal is to create a safe, caring, respectful school.

We agree that it is everyone’s responsibility to stop bullying.

It is up to each of us to make sure that bullying does not happen.

                        Support students who have been bullied.

                        Teach by example treating others with respect.

                        Open my eyes and be alert to all incidents of bullying.

                        Prevent bullying by reporting.


District Policy addresses bullying of District students 
Please click on the FFI Local link below to read our district policy.