What will we learn?             

 How can I make up work?


  • Students will explore...
  • Exploration and Colonization                                  
  • American Revolution
  • Constitution     
  • Early Republic
  • Manifest Destiny and Westward Expansion              
  • Civil War
  • Reconstruction
  • Late work-I accept all late work. There is no excuse for a student not to pass my class unless they simply don't do the work.

    Quizzes- Weekly quizzes are also administered every Friday. Students can make up quizzes Tuesday after school. I want your student to do well in my class and I would greatly appreciate any support I can have from home.


    What students need to bring?
    How Ms. Fernandez grades
    • Pencil (no work will be accepted in pen)                                                                     
    • Paper
    • Agenda
    • Homework
    • Weekly participation grade
    • Weekly Homework (Every Thursday)
    • Test/quizzes are worth 50% 
    • Work must be fully complete (no blanks and must be colored if instructed)


    Last Modified on October 18, 2014